Who Heals the Healer?
Who Heals the Healer?
"For those who feel too much, may you guard your position as holy."



2018 Cycle

An archive of the first experience.

Thank you!

We are abundantly full and grateful. 


10:00am - Doors Open

10:30am - Opening Session - Who's a Healer Anyways? Imprints and Legacies with Barbara Williams, MSW and Veronica Agard


11:00am-12:00pm -  Round 1 of Experiences

A = Self-Care for Difficult Moments: A Community Conversation curated by QTPOC Mental Health Intitative 

B = Inner Altars with Oscar Lopez

C = FLY Radical Therapy: A Healing Jodona Approach to self-love with Dorian Ortega

D = Mari con Mari: High Mountain Desert Femmes with Ella Mendoza and Mario Duran


12:05pm -1:05pm - Round 2 of Experiences

A = Mastering the Lower Self through Capoeira Angola workshop with Capoeira Muçurumim

B =  Labors of Love: Confronting the Complexities of Self Healing In Community with Olivia Ahn and Mélat Seyoum

C = Reimagining Ritual and Self Care for the Colonized/Ostracized with Cassandra Spellman

D = Give Emotional Labor Back to Yourself with Dom Chatterjee, Janhavi NP and Kamaria



Khao'na Kitchen, LLC with vegan Filipina and Indian food (third floor)

Pop up market with 20 vendors (third floor)

Offerings from wellness practitioners  (second floor)


2:30pm-3:30pm - Round 3 of Experiences

A = Healing the Black Body movement workshop with Nana Chinara

B = Accountability, disposability, and the language of silence discussion with Shaira Chaer

C =  Surpassing Adversities: a Path Towards Bliss storytelling session Mary Ann B. Fernandez

D = Get to the Heart of the Matter with your GUT and Ancient Eastern Wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with Shweta Parmar 


3:35pm-4:35pm  - Round 4 of Experiences

A = Dance Floor as a Sacred Space with DJ Brujo Boogie and Chiquita Brujita

B =  Keeping the Integrity Within Spiritual Offerings with Reem Abdou of collective BAE

C =  Aunties and Ancestors Taught Me: A Workshop on Honoring Vulnerability in Black Queer Communities with Deeply Rooted Healing Collective

D = Soul Tribe Session with Fearless Leon

4:40pm-5pm Closing Ceremony


 *5:00pm - 10:00pm - After Vibes at Starr Bar spun by Uptown Vinyl Supreme

Mayday Space

Mayday Space is a multi-story organizing center and social hub in Bushwick that works in tandem with our sister space Starr Bar a short walk away. Mayday is both a neighborhood resource and a citywide destination for engaging programming, a home for radical thought and debate, and a welcoming gathering place for people and movements to work, learn, celebrate and build together.

As an organizing center and events space for grassroots organizations to host their fundraiser parties, leadership retreats and more, Mayday inspires and sustains a justice-oriented community that is both publicly identifiable and approachable. We are creating a new innovative model that connects to the solidarity economy, promotes a shared sense of stewardship, and attracts new individuals to social justice politics in a culturally-dynamic setting.

As a movement project, Mayday also works with long-time community organizers to amplify neighborhood issues such as immigrant rights, food justice, tenants protections, gentrification and displacement as well as broader global issues such as climate justice and Internet freedom. To carry out this work, we’ve co-created empowering leadership structures for collectively managing the space and shaping the direction of our programming and organizing projects.

By offering access to our space on a sliding scale (down to free access), we prioritize people of color, immigrants, women-led groups, LGBTQ, poor and working class communities. The programming events Mayday will encourage and curate will likewise emphasize the voices, creativity and leadership of frontline communities.



MayDAY Space

176 St. Nicholas Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11237


After Vibes

All vinyl vibes were conjured by the Boogie Down's finest, Uptown Vinyl Supreme! Uptown Vinyl Supreme is a DJ collective paying homage to the analogue roots of music, party and dance culture. 



Starr bar

214 Starr Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237




Tickets are completely SOLD OUT! We are full of abundance and gratitude and ask that you do not contact us about trying to attend.  If you are White and grabbed a ticket, consider passing it to the BIPOC, QTPOC and non binary folks in your life. 

The convergence will be back in May 2019! This was and continues to be a massive undertaking and we will announce all of the ways in which you can be a part of the gathering next year when the time is right. The more intimate version aims to return in the Winter of 2019. 


Questions around recording the event, including the mini series have been coming up quite a bit. The answer is this - beyond the limited clips of some sessions, we are not live streaming the event. This is with respect to what comes up for folks during the conference. 


The goal of the conference and the mini series is to develop an ecosystem of folks who are intergrating the themes explored into their work. Over time, more will be shared on what this will look like and paths to collaborate beyond the intital conference.